is Completely Free!

Slender is a highly addictive first person horror game created by Lenke Productions where your only goal is to find 8 manuscripts about the Slender Man, a paranormal creature.

Four players, no weapons, one Slender Man.

Slender's Woods is a short horror game
about a mythical creature Slender man.

Four players, no weapons, one Slender Man



If you're craving for a good scare or are just looking for a really cool/creative indie game, then you can't go wrong with Slender.

Highly addictivehorror game
available for Windows.

Easy to learn
the controls:
Mouse - Look around;
W,A,S & D - Move;
Left Shift - Sprint;
Left Mouse Click - Pick up pages; Right MouseClick - Flashlight;
Q & E - Zoom in/out.

For Windows XP,
Vista and 7.
The download may be initiated in any browser compatible with modern HTML standards, including Chrome, FireFox and IE.

Best of all Slender is free!

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